The Internship Search is Over

During winter break I spent the majority of my day practicing for Interviews and improving my resume. The process for large companies are very thorough. Even for internships you go through multiple rounds, each round usually picking different aspects of yourself. Each company is a little different in their interviews as well. The strangest being a recorded video interview. The process itself is more demanding than anything. Making sure you have a basic understanding of nearly all sections of Computer Science is tricky. Though you want to be prepared for any curveballs that they might throw your way. You never want a situation where it’s “Oh no, I don’t remember this section!”. So after all the interviews are done then we have to deal with waiting.

I think the hardest part of the whole process is waiting. Each moment you have to push the ever-growing cloud of doubt. Waiting for a company to get back to you is somehow extraordinarily painful. You might be waiting for a life deciding phone call while it’s a cold Tuesday afternoon for the interviewer. Each Inbox email made me jump and frantically check my phone to see if it was “the offer”. So it was kind of funny that I finally got the offer and didn’t notice the notification until I walked into a general body meeting.

Today after multiple interviews, several freakouts, weeks of interview practice, and endless questions to everyone I finally received an offer from Google to become a Software Engineer Intern. Something I never thought I would be able to accomplish. Of course, I couldn’t have gone through what I did without a lot of help from many friends, family, and people I’ve contacted throughout this last 2 months to give me advice on how to move through each step. Without them I know I would not have gotten through all the rounds I did, so a huge thanks to everyone. I created a small list of people to thank below so check it out for more info!

Finally, I want to return the favor that so many people gave me. If anyone needs help with interviews, work, or ideas just send a message to I’ll be happy to assist anyone who needs work on their resume, interview skills, or any other important skills. I want to do what so many others did for me so feel free to email me with questions, ideas, or even to schedule a session to help you interview.

Thank You List

Amber Y. – Getting my resume in tip top shape, pointing out every flaw I had.

Francheska – Helping with interview tips and what I should prepare for.

Google Student Ambassador Team – For helping me get accustomed to the Google culture as well as adjusting to the culture.

Kien – Giving general tips on how I should present myself to employees and a little motivation.

Kwamina – GIving me advice on how to get ready for each interview stage along the way.

Lucy – For the coding interview practice.

Lydia T. – For being a reference and giving advice on what to change on my resume.

Prof Liew – Helping me understand databases and how it works with Android (the reason I got the job).

Prof Pfaffmann – Being a reference for me.

Scott J. – For being a reference and replying quickly to my emails.

The Wandas – Everyone in my family for being kind and very supportive. You all looked out for me in a way many people couldn’t (or wouldn’t) understand.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few people on this list as I always do when I’m trying to thank everyone. If I did miss you as I type all this out I still want to say thank you, the only reason I’m here is because of the people who propped me up. I am not a giant but I do stand on the shoulders of giants like the ones I’ve listed above. Hopefully one day I can give back the service once given to me.

2 thoughts on “The Internship Search is Over

  1. Pretty cool JJ! I think its a terrific opportunity for you to learn from some very talented people at Google. Great Company to intern with as a computer science student.
    I know things didnt just happen. You’re smart hardworking and talented kid. Can’t wait to see how much you learn there. All the best and make the Most out of this great opportunity! You deserve it!

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