Internship Search Complete Personal Follow Up

If you haven’t checked out my post on my professional blog about my Internship Search check it out before reading this post! This is a follow up/commentary of that post.

So I just got my dream internship…

..and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve wanted this internship for several years. In fact, the seed was planted around 7th grade when I heard in a random magazine that Google was the best company to work for in terms of services they give to their employees. I was intrigued and ever since that day I paid attention to Google and their jobs. Over the years I’ve grown to love a lot of what Google does and I always imagined a day where I could actually work there. Google is part of the “ivy league” of companies to work for. Really prestigious and hard to get in with astronomically low acceptance rates (Of course this really simplifies things but it’s a fun analogy). So imagine, to my delight, when I got past every round and got the internship.

Of course this was not a happy accident…mostly. This was just a lot of constant hard work, decisions and sacrifices that got me to where I am. However today, isn’t a day to discuss what those sacrifices and how I got here. Today I want to focus on the dream. For me this was that “dream internship”. Something I admire but had a 1 in 100 chance of actually getting it. So to actually put the hard work and sacrifice into getting something like this makes me realize that it is actually possible to achieve your dreams if you try hard enough. Which is a cheesy thing to say, but for once I can actually get behind the phrase.

I’ll be honest, I’m not the best student in the CS department. Don’t really know if I’m even in the top 40% in my CS students, really. Your position shouldn’t stop you from trying. I know the phrase “work hard” is vague so here is a new phase. “Be different”. Equally vague, yes but it leads to a larger point. When you are weak in one area, find a different way to be better. I might be terrible academically but I try to make it up with projects. Ask yourself: “What sounds like a cool thing to do related to my dreams/goals/personality.” It might be to make a fun sudoku solver or learn a new language (natural or programming). Let this stuff lead to bigger ideas and goals. Remember, these projects and goals don’t have to be immediate. However, start cataloging ideas that seem interesting even if you don’t have time. Put it a place you can refer to when you’re bored on a Saturday afternoon. Let yourself fly with ideas. Overall, don’t give up on your dreams. If there is even a slim chance, take it. You never know where that ambition will lead you.

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