Hello World!

A tech show for the masses

October 2014 - Present

Every Sunday at 2-3 PM EST we launch a show on wjrh.org. The show is hosted by JJ Wanda, Ellen Galperin, Jeremy Port, Ian Miller, and Will Dixon. Each week we look at current events in technology and discuss the implications of each event. The show is on break until the beginning of the school year next semester. All shows can be acessed below.


11/09/2014 - Show 0.5
It was the first start show but recording didn't start until 1/2 way through.
Topics: Amazon, Google's Project Ara, Indie Video Game Exhibit in Seattle, Kid's Smartwatch, Toy Story 4

11/16/2014 - Show 1
Topics: Philae Lander, Oribal and Virgin Galactic Crashes, Net Neutrality, Virtual Reality

11/23/2014 - Show 2
Topics: Imagination vs. Reality, Google buys an airbase, Increasing Resolution bad for 3D Animators?, Quantum Computing, Google Contributor