A newsletter made from 40 different countries for a game with over 1 million people.

February 2011 - January 2012

osu!Monthly was a magazine made for the popular game "osu!". It was created with the intention of providing a detailed look at the community. The magazine at first was placed within the forums of osu! By the last edition it was featured in a news block on the main page.

The team was co-founded and lead by me. The team started with about 10-15 people over a few countries. Each week we met to talk about the next edition. By the end our staff had 40 member across 5 continents with several teams creating different sections. Below is a list of osu!Monthly articles


osu!Monthly #1

osu!Monthly #3

osu!Monthly #4

osu!Monthly #5

osu!Monthly #6